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Tundra & Snow

Arctic Handknitted 80% Qiviut / 20% silk
We are happy to introduce the new Tundra and Snow line which differs from our traditional line in that it is knitted from a yarn made from 80% qiviut and 20% silk, in member-designed patterns, incorporating the natural qiviut color with a beautiful bleached white.


Pom-Pom (click to enlarge)
The Pom-Pom can be added to the top of any hat. Each Pom-Pom is different and made with the Tundra and Snow yarn to match any hat you want to add it to.
Price: $ 15.00

Hearts Igloo Cap

Hearts Igloo Cap (click to enlarge)
A variation of our very popular Igloo Cap. Please state size of Small, Medium, or Large in the comments area of order. Practical and warm for winter sports, fits both men and women. A Pom-Pom can be added for an additional cost of $15.00
Price: $ 195.00

We do not sell the fiber, patterns, or the yarn used by our members.

We have a limited quantity of BULKY QIVIUT yarn which we are making available in a Cap Kit.
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